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Firwood Elementary School is a PBIS School

At Firwood we strive to support all students and staff by teaching and promoting positive behavior school-wide.  We have three rules, which are reinforced daily and in all areas of the school:


Firwood students will participate in various activities which teach behavior expectations in all areas of our school.  These lessons are focused on expected behaviors ranging from what it means to be prepared for class to how students conduct themselves in the playground.

PBIS is a school-wide system used to teach our students positive, personal, and social skills.  We feel that school-wide expectations will help to maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence.  Firswood's PBIS team has identified school-wide expectations and created lessons to teach students exactly what these expectations are.  The entire staff at Firwood will continue to work together to teach these lessons and help recognize students for meeting behavioral expectations.  As a result, Firwood's staff and students have built a school environment where all students are not only safe but also have acquired the life skills to succeed and grow.

As the school year progresses, we will be looking at our data to target specific needs and to create new ways to reinforce our expectations. Our PBIS program allows us the opportunity to teach school-wide behavioral reinforcement or character-building lessons up to three times per month.

We look forward to another great year. The next time you are on campus look around to notice the safe, responsible, and respectful Firwood students.  They are everywhere!

Firwood Student/Parent Handbook 2022-23